Paul responding to constituent surveys

I have been involved in the Conservative Party campaigning on issues on behalf of residents and championing things I believe in for nearly 20 years.  I  am most active in the place I grew up – the great city of Peterborough.  

As the son of an NHS nurse and an army officer, and now as a father and small business owner, I understand the value of hard work, schools and our NHS, and the security of a good job.

I am very proud of the communications business I founded which employs over 10 people. We are now market leaders in our field of medical technology and life-sciences. However, I have had a variety of jobs in the past ranging from stacking shelves in a supermarket, at a grain store and even as a bingo caller. Politicians should not just speak about the issues. They should also live the issues. The Conservative Party should always be the Party that believes in social mobility and rewarding those who strive and wish to move on.

I am proud to have been a party member through good and bad times. I have been an Association Chairman, local councillor and in 2010 fought the parliamentary seat of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland recording a 7.4% swing and missing out by just 1,677 votes.

I believe in personal responsibility, low tax and freedom from dependency. These are Conservative values. I love my country and want to see Britain and the British people be the best that they can possible be. These are the reasons I went into politics.

I hope you enjoy my website.