2015 Campaign Diary

Since the 2010 General Election, I have campaigned for the Conservatives up and down the country.  In particular I have campaigned in –

Sutton and Cheam, Battersea, Tooting, Hammersmith, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, South East Cambridgeshire, Stroud, Banbury,  Fulham and Chelsea, Horsham, Westminster North, St Albans, Peterborough, Brenford & Isleworth, Ealing & Acton, Watford, South Thanet

I want to continue this effort up to the General Election and record here where I have been campaigning.  This records activity from the end of January 2015:

7th May – the Bristows (with my Dad) banging on doors for Stewart Jackson in Peterborough on election day!


5th May – Another telecanvassing session for Paul Scully in Sutton & Cheam

More Home Telecanvassing

4th May – Campaigning with Hammersmith PPC Charlie Dewhirst!

Hammersmith Campaigning

2nd May – Campaigning in St Albans for Anne Main while staying with my in-laws with the rest of my new family!

Campaigning with Anne Main in St Albans

28th April – Telecanvassing for Sutton & Cheam PPC Paul Scully and Stewart Jackson in Peterborough

Telecanvassing at Home

22nd April – Campaigning took a break with the birth of Becky Bristow

Becky Bristow

18th April – Great response on the doorstep for Paul Scully PPC and the Conservatives in Sutton and Cheam

Sutton & Cheam 18 April

16th April – Big Action Day with Neil Carmichael in Stroud

Campaign Day in Stroud

13th April – Meeting shoppers in Peterborough with Conservative candidate Stewart Jackson.

Meeting Shoppers with Stewart Jackson MP

13th April – Early Morning Tube Action at Shepherds Bush for Hammersmith PPC, Charlie Dewhirst.

Tube Action - Shepherds Bush

11th April – Campaigning in Sutton for PPC Paul Scully with Sheffield South East PPC, Matt Sleat

Campaigning in Sutton

9th April – Leafleting with former Leader Michael Howard in Sandwich with Tory PPC for Poplar and Limehouse, Chis Wilford

Campaigning in Sandwich with Michael Howard

9th April – Big Campaign Day in South Thanet for Conservative PPC Craig Mackinlay taking on Nigel Farage


8th April – With Top Tory and Arsenal/England Legend Sol Campbell at CCHQ after tele canvassing London target seats

Sol Campbell

4th April – With the team working hard for a Conservative gain in Sutton & Cheam for PPC Paul Scully.

Sutton April Campaign Day

28th March – Big Action Day in Peterborough for Stewart Jackson

Peterborough Action Day

24th March – Campaigning for the popular Watford MP Richard Harrington

Campaigning in Watford

21st March – Afternoon doorstep campaigning with Business Minister, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, in Ealing and Acton for hard-working MP Angie Bray

Campaigning in Ealing & Acton

21st March – Morning campaigning for Mary Macleod MP in the Brenford and Isleworth constituency

Campaigning in Brenford and Isleworth

19th March – Supporting Conservative Candidates Simon Kitchen (Newcastle Central) and Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Berwick Upon on Tweed)


8th March – Pint in Southwater after a day out and about in Horsham

Pint in Southwater - Horsham

7th March – Campaigning in Worcester Park, Sutton & Cheam, for Paul Scully PPC

Campaigning in Worcester Park

6th March – Delivering the Jane Ellison MP ‘Reporting Back’ leaflet in the Battersea constituency

Delivering the Jane Ellison Reporting Back Leaflet

28th February – About to go campaigning with the terrific MP for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson


24th February – Organised a tele canvassing session for Charlie Dewhirst PPC for Hammersmith at CCHQ


21st February – Campaigning for Paul Scully PPC for Sutton and Cheam with Deputy Mayor of London, Stephen Greenhalgh


21st February – Campaigning for Gavin Barwell MP for Croydon Central with a huge team!


17th February – Tele canvassing for Will Goodhand PPC for Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland (finishing the job from 2010) and Charlie Dewhirst PPC for Hammersmith

Telecanvassing - MSEC & Hammersmith

16th February  Tele canvassing for Neil Carmichael – a fantastic MP for Stroud


10th February – Organised a tele canvassing session for Hammersmith PPC Charlie Dewhirst at CCHQ with Liam Fox MP


7th February – Campaigning for Paul Scully PPC in Sutton and Cheam

Campaigning for Paul Scully PPC - Sutton and Cheam - 7th February 2015

4th February – Supporting Richard Royal the Conservative Candidate for Hartlepool


1st February – Sunday Morning Delivery – The Jane Ellison MP Community Survey in Battersea

Campaigning for Jane Ellison MP - Battersea - 1st February 2015

31st January – Campaigning with Charlie Dewhirst PPC for Hammersmith

Campaigning for Charlie Dewhirst PPC Hammersmith - 31st January 2015