2016-2017 Campaign Diary

The 2015 General Election result was much deserved and great for our country.  I had a lot of fun campaigning all over the country – most notably in Sutton & Cheam, Peterborough, Battersea and Stroud (all Con gains or holds).

In 2016 we had more important elections in London, Scotland and Wales, and local council elections across England and for Police and Crime Commissioners.  I am back on the campaign trail:

8th April 2017 – Campaigning in West Hill ward, Putney, ensuring the Conservatives retain control of Wandsworth Council with my friend Peter Graham

1st April 2017 – Taking a trip down memory lane and campaigning in Middlesbrough (a town I love) for Jacob Young in the Coulby Newham by-election.  

18th March 2017 – Campaigning in St Mary’s ward, Battersea, ensuring the Conservatives retain control of Wandsworth Council

Copeland Weekend – 17/18/19 February 2017

7th January 2017 – Copeland by election – campaigning with Distington local boy Andy Johnson in Whitehaven in this crucial election

8th December 2016 – Poll Day – telephone campaigning getting out the vote in the Sleaford by election 

7th December 2016 – Sleaford by election – campaigning for Dr Caroline Johnson in Long Bennington

20th October 2016 – Witney by election


16th June 2016 – Poll Day in Tooting 


28th May 2016 – Out canvassing during the Tooting by-election


14th May 2016 – with our great candidate Dan Watkins during the Tooting by-election


30th April 2016 – the great Shaftesbury ward Conservative team on the bank holiday before poll day!


28th April 2016 – Recruited some extra help for my postal vote letter delivery effort in Shaftesbury ward – backing Zac all the way!


18th April 2016 – With the Shaftesbury ward Conservative team campaigning for the GLA Candidate in Wandsworth & Merton, David Dean, and Zac Goldsmith.


13th April 2016 – With the Conservative GLA candidate for Barnet & Camden, Joel Davidson, outside Canons Park tube station – excellent response for Zac Goldsmith’s plan to invest in transport and housing for Londoners.


11th April 2016 – Campaigning in Shaftesbury ward, Battersea, for Zac Goldsmith delivering pledge letters


9th April 2016 – Recruited some super hero help for Zac in Northcote Road area of Battersea


30th March 2016 – With the excellent Rob Flint and his team at London Bridge campaigning for Zac!


26th March 2016 – Out and About in Nightingale Ward, Tooting, campaigning again for Zac Goldsmith


20th February 2016 – In St Mary’s Park ward, Battersea, with the team with some more Zac Goldsmith campaigning.


13th February 2016 – Shaftesbury ward action day across Wandsworth for our GLA Candidate David Dean and Zac Goldsmith.


30th January 2016 – Out with a team campaigning for Zac Goldsmith in Canada Water and Rotherhithe.  This is going to be a close contest and every vote will count.


28th January 2016 – Campaigning with the great Conservative GLA candidate for Lambeth & Southwark, Robert Flint, at Bermondsey Tube Station – great reception to Zac Goldsmith’s plan on tube strikes.

Bermondsey Tube Station

23rd January 2016 – Campaigning in Ealsfield (Wandsworth Council & Tooting Constituency) for the London Mayoral and GLA Elections.  The Wandsworth Conservatives had over 60 activists knocking on doors