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2nd January 2018

Open Letter to Peterborough MP – Fiona Onasanya MP

Dear Ms Onasanya MP,

I am writing to ask if you will use your influence to ask the Leader of the Labour Group on Peterborough City Council to rule out plans to introduce swingeing council tax increases that would hit those on fixed incomes in our City hardest of all. As Peterborough’s Labour MP you should bring pressure to bear to pull Cllr Ed Murphy back to the centre ground, and prevent him inflicting a hard left experiment with the City’s finances, should Labour win control of the council at the elections next year.

In November last year – the Peterborough Telegraph reported that the Labour Group Leader would have supported council tax increases of up to 15% prior to the council’s budget meeting. This has caused a great deal of concern among local residents who feel they could be asked to find hundreds of pounds further a year. For example in Ravensthorpe ward – where I am campaigning hard on behalf of local people and which is in your constituency – this could mean an extra £222 on council tax bills for families living in an average Band D property. You can appreciate why many people have contacting the local Conservatives on this issue.

While council tax increases suggested by the Labour councillor would require a City wide referendum (and the associated cost of this), these quite open comments suggest what would be in store for tax payers should Labour ever lead the council. What’s more, the growing involvement of the far left group, Momentum, in local Labour politics (including your election campaign) should also be of concern. In Bristol, where they are firmly entrenched, they have suggested council tax increases of up to 200% according to the local paper. I dread to think what they would inflict on our City should their influence on the Peterborough Labour Party continue to grow.

Politics does generate strong feelings and emotions. However, party politics have sometimes been put aside locally in order to do what is best for our City and our residents. This is evident in the council’s ‘Stand Up for Peterborough’ campaign. These radical proposals from the Labour Leader break with this tradition.

Will you show leadership in your position as Peterborough’s MP and within the local Labour Party to bring the Labour Group Leader back to the centre ground?

Will you publicly declare your opposition to Cllr Murphy’s support for council tax increases of up to 15%?

Will you distance yourself from Momentum and other far left groups who are pressing for more influence in Labour nationally and locally?

If you are able to demonstrate this independence of mind and leadership, it will be great comfort for many of your constituents who are deeply worried about the prospect of a Labour administration, who could play a dangerous game with our City’s finances?

Yours sincerely

Paul Bristow
Ravensthorpe Conservative Action Team

14th December 2017 

Letter in the Peterborough Telegraph


Dear Sir,

I was disappointed to read the latest opinion piece from our MP Fiona Onasanya where she complains bitterly about Brexit and hardly mentions Peterborough at all. On top of that we have a Labour Group Leader on the Council – and Ravensthorpe councillor – that said on the radio that leave voters are poorly educated. This is quite a position for the leadership of the local Labour Party to take in a city where over 60 percent voted leave.

Whether you voted leave or remain, I think the vast majority of people want our local politicians to help get the best deal for Peterborough and the UK. Now the prime minister has successfully got us past the first hurdle guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens already living in Peterborough, I am now excited about what Brexit might mean for our City.

We have some tremendous advantages to help us attract new businesses to Peterborough as the UK starts to have the freedom to negotiate trade deals with countries across the world. We can look to our friends in the Commonwealth, the dynamic economies of Asia, and of course the U.S. This is in addition to a good trade deal with our partners in Europe.

We have excellent transport links by rail and road to London and to the North. We are close to trade routes heading to the ports on the east coast. We are close to the successful technology cluster around Cambridge, and many national and international brands have decided to make Peterborough their home. We have a skilled, hard working workforce, and are an optimistic City. We should make Brexit our own.

Many communities from Pakistan and other parts of South Asia have come to live in Peterborough. Like them, we want the brightest and the best to come to our city from across the world, as uncontrolled immigration from the EU no longer limits us geographically on who we can welcome to Peterborough. This is an opportunity for our BME communities that should not be passed up.

Instead of whining about Brexit or insulting over 60% of the city’s voters, the Labour Party should be ambitious. Now is the time to be optimistic. I want a future where the UK, and indeed the World, think Brexit and think Peterborough!

Paul Bristow
Conservative Action Team Leader, Ravensthorpe

With Cllr Gul Nawaz and Cllr Sam Smith 


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