What I Believe

– Most people understand that we need more good sized affordable homes and I support plans to deliver these homes over the coming years. However homes also need infrastructure, transport links and services. I will fight for fairer funding for parts of the country to ensure local money delivers the school places, GP surgeries and infrastructure new homes need.

Jobs and Economic Development – We are making good progress in cutting the deficit and achieving growth.  As the owner of a small business, I will do everything I can to ensure business growth in across the country continues and the economy thrives.

Shepherds Bush Library Work Zone 2009Schools – There are few things that are more important to determine life chances than a good education.  I fully support the Government’s excellent Free School programme and will fight ideological opposition to giving local children the best possible start.


rmOur NHS – Both my parents have worked for the NHS for most of their lives. I work with patient groups campaigning on access to medicines and medical technologies. Few things matter more to me than a fair and free NHS. I will fight to protect services and provision at hospitals .




Family – I understand the importance of family and leaving something better for your children.  Families provide the stability, warmth and love we need to flourish as human beings, and the relationships they foster are the bedrock on which society is built.

I am proud of Conservative Party commitments to extending free child care, taking more family homes out of Inheritance Tax, support for early intervention programmes and welfare reform.


With the local Safer Neighbourhood Team - 2007

Putting Britain First – Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, we have to make Brexit work for this country all communities.  It is important that remember that the EU and Europe is not the same thing.  The UK has always been a part of Europe and European countries will always be some our closest allies. We are a global player and can thrive, not just survive, outside the EU.  We can renew ties to the Commonwealth and look to develop export markets in China, Mexico, Brazil, India, and other East Asian countries as well as traditional EU markets.  I also believe in a honest and controlled immigration system.

Strong Defence – As the son of a soldier I understand that defence is the first priority of any government.  If we are going to send our soldiers, sailors and airman to do a job – they need the equipment and training to do it properly.  I believe in a properly funded and robust defence.